2008 Holiday Gift Guide: Book It

Someday, my library will be stocked with all these books, and many many more! In the meantime, why not give your favorite decor or fashion lover a bit of inspiration with one of these selections?

Give them something to look forward to; preorder a book to be delivered the second it's released. These two are my favorites for 2009: The Golden Age of Couture and, from one of my favorite designers, Sixx Design, their first book, Downtown Chic. (I can't wait to get a copy!)

You can't go wrong with these two choices. Vogue Fashion features selections from the magazine and pages on legendary designers throughout the decades, and Domino's Book of Decorating is a must for any decor lover! (psssst - the Domino book is currently 35% off at Barnes & Noble!)

Photography at its finest, Hedi Slimane's Rock Diary and Vanity Fair Portraits.

And finally, for the young Parisian at heart, two children's books that should be a hit for all ages. Different Like Coco gives a peek into the inspiring story of Coco Chanel, and Mon Paris coloring book creates instant art for your walls.


caroline said...

isn't that coco chanel book the cutest? i can have children's books too, right?

Courtney said...

It's funny how several of these were already on my "Wish List" and I just added 2 more...

Have you read any of Isaac Mizrahi's book "how to have style"? It's fun.