2008 Holiday Gift Guide: The Poster List

While art can be a tricky piece to purchase, I think a nice print is always an unexpected gift, and as someone completely addicted to posters, I'd gladly take any of these!

I've completely fallen for the styles of Christopher David Ryan, who sells his super cool and original prints right here. To the boys in my life, beware. You are so getting that record print from me this year!

Have a girly girl on your gift list? These should do the trick. The first is one of many gorgeous sketches from the talented David Downtown, and the second a limited edition print available through Outre Gallery that I am just coveting.

From our favorite folks at Keep Calm come more helpful reminders for daily living. Love 'em!

Perfect for city dwellers or lovers, these neighborhood posters from Ork are still one of my favorite options. Yes, I want a Seattle and Boston one, thanks very much!


Anonymous said...

Cute! My Wish List is getting longer and longer.

Apt. #34 said...

darling this is the best gift guide ever!

Katie said...

I have the Seattle poster on my wish list this year also. I love this little city!

Blair said...

Oh, I used to living Boston and need to have that print! Thank you.

Joanna Goddard said...

love the girl in yellow!

Kristin said...

I love the city posters by Ork! Their Chicago poster made it onto my wish list and I HOPE I receive it. I fell in love with Chicago this summer after visiting. *drool*

Lovely site, by the way!