It's hard to hunt for gifts without finding a few things to love for yourself! These picks are some of my favorites, but would, of course, make fabulous gifts too!
Those of you born in October can probably sympathize when I say it feels impossible to find jewelery with our birthstone (opal) that I actually want to wear. So when I found this piece by Winifred Grace (who will be in Seattle this weekend for a trunk show!!) I had to add it to my wishlist. pacific opal bracelet at winifred grace. $375.

One of my favorite gifts so far this year is this simple book - I think it's the perfect gift for a friend or family member who might be starting a new adventure or chapter in their life. And I love that it's only one line a day - that's about all I have time for before I crawl into bed at night!
one line a day book at amazon. $11.50

I think we all know how I feel about gold anything, so of course I was drawn to this blanket with its contrast of natural linen and bronzed satin trim. While this version is a bit more pricey, for those of you handy in the DIY category, I could see how this would be a simple project! striped linen blanket at patch nyc. $365.
And finally - a fun pick from one of my favorite new online shops! These have got to be the best shot glasses I have ever seen. Usually when I see sets with patterns, I like one more than the other, but all of these are so chic! Add them to the bar please! set of four shot glasses at haus interior. $75.

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