Art is personal. I wouldn't recommend hopping into a gallery to go pick something out as a gift unless you know the recipient (and their home) very very well. However, with these small, personalized options, you can rest easy knowing they'll be fully appreciated...
First off, the gift I haven't stopped hearing about this year is the Kate Spade calendar collaboration with artist Bella Foster... monthly art all year long? That's a gift you can't go wrong with! 2010 wall calendar at kate spade. $18.

Homes come with so many memories... perhaps it's time to capture them in a new way? Whether it's the first house for a new couple, or the home you grew up in, commissioning a sweet sketch - of the inside or out - to keep for years to come is a truly original gift. house portrait at artquirk. $120. interior renderings by michelle moreland. starting at $350.

And, here's a thought. Instead of getting the chef or foodie in your life the usual kitchen gadgets, why not a simple watercolour of their favorite ingredient or dish? Jamie Shelman's fruit + veggie series is hands down my favorite. I'm loving the strawberries, but the 'cinque pomodori' would be perfect for my parent's kitchen. strawberry watercolour at jamie shelman. $60.

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