It seems like certain cities hold a special place in our hearts... so why not find a gift that celebrates that?
Dangle a piece of NYC history from your neck with this Waldorf Astoria necklace - cast from classic cocktail picks used at the hotel. Although... I might use it as teensy letter opener instead. waldorf astoria necklace by erica weiner. $85.

If you've left your heart in San Francisco, you might as well wear it on your sleeve. Your boy will look so dapper with these unique cufflinks made from vintage railway tokens! san francisco railway token cufflinks by qa create. $40.

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Fallon said...

I love both of these. I purchased a pair of the typewriter keys cuff links for the boy for Xmas but now I might have to get these as well. And wow, I would love the woldorf astoria necklace for myself.